CCSA 2017 Year-End Event (Attendees)
Hello there! The year-end celebration planning committee would like to extend our thanks to you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Your comments and feedback will help to ensure that future CCSA year-end events are fun and meaningful. The aggregated responses to this survey will be sent out in the following weeks.
Was this your first time at a CCSA Year-End event?
Please rate the following aspects of the event
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Date & Time
Activities & Program
Food & Beverages
Overall experience
What did you like most about the event?
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What did you like least about the event?
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How well did this event foster your ability to make meaningful connections with:
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Members of your own team
Members of other teams
A church
Did this event meet your standards for accessibility? If not, what can be improved?
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Based on your experience, how likely are you to attend future CCSA year-end events?
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Do you have any other suggestions or comments to help us improve our future events?
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What gender do you identify as?
Which CCSA segment did you participate in this year?
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