College Bowl 2021
College Bowl is an annual UCSD competition where students from each College team-up to compete in a wide range of quiz questions in a battle of wits! Teams consist of 2-4 members, and then those teams first compete in a round within their own College to decide which team will be representing Revelle, Muir, Marshall, Warren, ERC, Sixth, & Seventh in the finals for the chance to take home the Golden Brain.

This year, with College Bowl being virtual, each event will take place via Zoom. To reduce complications, we are asking that you only attend the preliminary round for your own College. The playoff bracket for the Finals will be scheduled out so that you do not have to sit around in a Zoom call waiting for your time to shine, but all are welcome to quietly observe the finals.

If you are looking to participate in this year's College Bowl for a chance to win Amazon gift cards, please have one member of your team fill out this form a minimum of two business days prior to your College's date!

Below is the schedule of events for the tournament. The goal is for each preliminary round to be completed within 90 minutes, and the Finals are slotted for 3 hours, but it will be scheduled out so that you do not have to be present for the entire time.
Revelle - 2/18 @ 7:00p
Muir - 2/17 @ 8:00p
Marshall - 2/16 @ 8:00p
Warren - 2/10 @ 7:30p
ERC - 2/9 @ 7:30p
Sixth - 2/22 @ 7:00p
Seventh - 2/11 @ 7:30p
Finals - 2/23 @ 6:00p

Meeting credentials for all rounds:
Meeting ID: 990 6929 7591

If you have any questions, please reach out to Chris Griebenow at
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