Valley's Voice Passion Project
Valley’s Voice is a catalyst for change in Eagle County. It is a one-stop shop for youth to have a voice, be involved and make impactful change. Led by a Youth Executive Board, Valley's Voice is comprised of young people ages 14 to 25. Valley's Voice hosts events across the county to collect input on key issues for youth so that projects and progress can be facilitated.

It is through Valley's Voice that every youth in the county will have the opportunity to serve, be rewarded, and be recognized for their contribution to improve youth issues. Valley’s Voice spans several past programs including Youth Leaders Council and encompasses CTC youth advisors and other young people in our community. This youth-led, adult-supported program focuses on education and community service projects — giving young people a voice in programs that impact them — anything from helping build a playground to organizing a canned food drive; writing a book to cleaning up a park.

Young people are encouraged to be part of the program by creating their own passion projects and making change in Eagle County through those projects.

We are also in the process of creating a Valley's Voice jr. program for 10-13 year olds. If interested in this, or if you have any questions about passion projects, contact Youth Engagement Coordinator Anabel Johnson at
Email address *
Title of the Project
What Big Idea does this project fall under? (You may select more than one, if it falls under multiple ideas but it must fall under at least one of these).
Rationale for the Project: Why is this project needed?
Outcome statement: The objective of this project is....
Data to support the rationale: How do we know this is an issue?
Names of team members: friends can join you in the effort
Description of the project: What does the project look like? What will you do?
Budget - Please submit an excel sheet with specific numbers: How much will your project cost? Figure in your time as a project leader (17$ per hour) and the cost of any materials or incentives you will need, cost of space, food, personnel, etc.
Timeline: What will happen when?
Completion: How will you know that the the project is completed successfully? (Based on number of participants and other numerical data you can measure).
Evaluation: How will you measure the impact that was made? (This is the effect on the community, the more qualitative data).
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