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Interested in robotics, creative design, drones, and exoskeletons?  

Are you ready for STEAMCamp 2024? We've got an amazing experience for you at IUP from June 17-21, 2024.  Students will use the IUP STEAMSHOP facility to design, laser cut, and 3D print parts to build your own simple mobile robot. You'll then add digital sensors and program controls for your mobile robot. You will also get to  operate drones, try an exoskeleton, and complete tasks with virtual reality simulation.  

The final day, your mission will be to complete a programming challenge with your robot and showcasing your accomplishments.  Are you up to the challenge?  We are seeking students passionate about science, technology, and design-- is this you?

Camp runs Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM (drop-off starts at 8:30 AM; pick up by 4PM).  Students must commit to attending all 5 days.  Students need to bring their own packed lunch (there will be an option to purchase from the IUP Dining Service for some of the days).  There is a fee of $75 for the camp to cover materials that can be paid by check on the first day of camp (there are a limited number of scholarships available to help students who need financial assistance). Camp activities, materials and instruction are supported though the Southwestern Pennsylvania New Economy Collaborative-Build Back Better Regional Challenge grant and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Students will work with faculty and staff from across the campus in a truly interdisciplinary effort spanning departments of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Geography, Art and Design, and Safety Science. (All staff have background checks and clearances to work with students).

If you are interested in the camp, fill out the survey below. We'll review your information and send a confirmation about who is selected by June 3rd.

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Any questions?  Email Dr. Rick Adkins: fadkins@iup.edu

Are you ready to innovate?  Apply for the camp and imagine what you can do!
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Thanks for your interest in the camp.  Email any questions to fadkins@iup.edu
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