PNN Staff Application 2017-2018

NEWS DIRECTOR - In charge of the newsroom, other independent videos, and quality of the PNN/DPTV brand. Reports directly to Mr. Middlebrook. Must be able to work well with a variety of people. Must be able to inspire and lead others to do their best work. Must assign stories during all rundown meetings. Must check in with EP's to make sure that the show will be completed on time.JOURNALISM, BROADCAST or VIDEO JOURNALISM EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER- In charge of a section of the show and in charge of making sure that a show is recorded, edited, and broadcasted, also in charge of making sure they supervise the rundown meeting.

ASSISTANT PRODUCERS - Assists the Executive Producer in running the show and in charge of individual independent video stories. Fills in for absent crew members. Needs to understand video production in studio and in the field. Needs to have writing and/or interviewing skills. BROADCAST or VIDEO JOURNALISM EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

STUDIO DIRECTOR - Must be able to take charge of the studio ins-and-outs. Will direct the video crew to set up lighting, audio, and camera. Must help Anchors look good and get their best performances out of them. Must be a leader with technical talent. BROADCAST/VIDEO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - Assists Director with other videos in production or when the Director is not available.

CAMERA OPERATOR - Must handle the video camera in studio or at any location on or off campus. Must be able to move at a moments notice. Will always have a small handy-cam at all times during school. Coordinated and technical skills a plus. NO SHAKY CAM.

MAIN NEWS ANCHOR - This position requires applicants to be on camera as the face of PNN/DPTV. Must look good and have confidence. Consistency and dedication are a must. Responsible to write and edit their own script and assist junior members with as well. Main News Anchor will be chosen by current Main News Anchor. JOURNALISM, BROADCAST, or ACTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

CO- ANCHOR - Must have on-camera talent. Must be able to write their own script and edit own work. Also support the Main Anchor with side stories. JOURNALISM, BROADCAST, or ACTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

SCRIPTWRITER - Writer must be able to develop, write, edit and rewrite scripts for Anchors. Works closely with staff to develop great news stories, human interest pieces, and informational videos. We need a determined, smart, and hardworking person who's not afraid to do awesome writing. JOURNALISM 1, BROADCAST, or VIDEO JOURNALISM EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

VIDEO EDITORS - Must be familiar with Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premier, or iMovie with the ability to learn quickly. Need to be able to edit video at a moments notice. In charge of uploading to internet and media storage.

SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR - Must keep our audience up to date with PNN/DPTV, maintain branding, and assist with various projects. *Must have access or familiarity with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.* We want a plugged in and groovin' person to handle all new media.

PRODUCTION CREWS - Must be able to set up lights, camera, audio, news desk and/or green screen. Needs to be eager and willing to learn all new methods of video technology and handle equipment responsibly.

PHOTO PRODUCER- In charge of photographers, and photos that are turned in to the video directors. Gives assignments to photographers.

PHOTOGRAPHERS - Must take photos during news shows, audio recording, and interviews of student, staff or VIPs. Must be able to research for photos, record, and store photo data. Camera knowledge essential. PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

VARIOUS ASSISTANT POSITIONS OPEN for the above. These are great positions to learn a skill.

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