Belmont Park Community Coalition
Dear Valued Community Member,

Parkhurst and Tudor Manor Civic Associations


Title of Research Study: Belmont Park Community Coalition

Principal Investigator: Tammie S. Williams, MSW, Community Organizer


In 2006, the Elmont community expressed a strong desire to improve, and enhance the suburban condition and quality of life. Late 2012, New York Empire State Development (ESD) issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to generate ideas for the under-utilized space at the Belmont Park. The Parkhurst and Tudor Manor Civic Associations are conducting a study to learn how the surrounding Belmont communities feel after listening to presentations given by potential developers.

You are being asked to participate in this activity because you are a member of the Belmont Park Community. Parkhurst and Tudor Manor Civics would like to understand what impact the Belmont Park Redevelopment is having on you. This survey is done over the Internet using a drop down list and check box format. You will be asked to agree to permit the Parkhurst and Tudor Civic Associations, to obtain, use and disclose the anonymous information provided as described below.

Conditions and Stipulations

1. I understand that all information is anonymous and no will know my individual answers or whether or not I participated. I will not be personally identified in any reports. I agree to complete the Parkhurst and Tudor Manor Civic Associations online survey for research purposes and that the combined data derived from this anonymous survey may be made available for a letter to Empire State Development Corp.

2. I understand the online survey involves questions about the Belmont Park Redevelopment and what I experienced while participating in the civic meetings and what impact (positive or negative) the meetings had on me. Except for a few questions about you (age, race, ethnicity, town/city, single parent, or married, work full or part-time) all questions will address evaluating issues concerning the Belmont Park Redevelopment.

3. I understand that my participation in this research survey is totally voluntary, and that declining to participate will involve no penalty or loss of benefits. Choosing not to participate will not affect my participation in the Parkhurst and Tudor Manor Civics. If I choose, I may withdraw my participation at any time. I also understand that if I choose to participate, that I may decline to answer any question that I am not comfortable answering.

4. I understand that I can contact the Communication Director, Tammie Williams at (516) 945-5230 or by email: if I have any questions about the survey and my rights as a participant. I am aware that my consent will not directly benefit me, but will provide data for the Parkhurst and Tudor Manor Civics to improve community engagement and advocacy.

Your participation in this research evaluation is voluntary. If you have any questions, you can contact Tammie S. Williams at (516) 945-5230 or by email: If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant or if you would like to talk to someone other than the researchers, you can contact Tudor Manor Civic President, Joyce Stowe, at (516) 592-3829.

Thank you for your participation,

Do you understand and accept the above conditions and VOLUNTARILY CONSENT to participate in this evaluation survey? (Select 1) *
Thinking about your participation in civic meetings, were they educational? ("1" not very and "5" very educational) *
The following questions are for geographical and demographic data analysis
All answers are confidential.
Please check off your community (Select 1)
Which civic association do you belong too? (Select 1) *
Would you like to attend more joint civic meetings with the above mentioned organizations concerning community-at-large topics?
Did you participate in the Anti-Casino Movement at Belmont Park? If so, How did you learn about the issue?
Ethnicity (please check all applicable boxes) *
Language spoken (please check all applicable boxes) *
How old are you? (select 1) *
Are you employed? (Select 1) *
Your dwelling? *
Education level *
Income level (confidential and anonymous)
The following questions are about the Belmont Park Redevelopment
Your feedback helps the civics advocate on behalf of the community-at-large
Have you read the 2008 Elmont Vision Plan? *
Elmont Vision Plan 2008 page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
What is your overall feeling about the Elmont Community Vision Plan ("1" not very and "5" very educational) *
What is your overall feelings about having retail shopping at Belmont Park? (Ex. Costco, Trader Joe's, Shop & Shop, etc..) *
What is your overall feelings about having a recreational center and green space for community use at Belmont Park? *
Would you support and welcome ideas for alternative building projects, including SUNY/CUNY satellite campuses, and business incubators?
What is your overall feelings about having a 25,000 seat; open air; minor league soccer stadium at Belmont? *
What is your overall feelings about having restaurants at Belmont? ("1" no feelings and "5" very positive feelings) *
What is your overall feelings about having transit-oriented housing at Belmont? ("1" no feelings and "5" very positive feelings) *
Thank you for you feedback. Your time is greatly appreciated. (Any additional feedback is welcomed below)
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