After School Sport Activities EMS 2017/2018
Please fill out this form so that we know interest for each Sport/Activity. When You have filled this out and shown interest, this is will be given a formal permission slip for your activity. This will allow participation in that Activity.

Please understand for League events there are strict age groups. They are done on age rather than year levels.

The cut off is the 31st August. For example; students playing in the Under 12 league should have been aged 12 or under on the 31st Aug 2017. If they were 13 at this time, they need to be in the under 13 League.

Please note: that if you want to be involved in more than one activity (that's awesome) you will need to fill this form out again for your second activity

If you have have questions please email or see Mr. Chris

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What afterschool activity would you like to sign up for?
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