Submit Testimony on Predatory Ticketing & Racial Discrimination
The Greater Indianapolis NAACP Branch #3053 is seeking public testimony related to predatory ticketing practices by police in Hamilton County, Indiana, and racial discrimination within Westfield Washington Schools.

If you have evidence relating to either of these issues, please submit your testimony to the branch via the form below.

Our legal team may contact you for additional information. If you have questions, contact us at
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The testimony provided herein will be used solely for the purpose of gathering public testimony regarding two existing matters of concern: 1. predatory police ticketing in Hamilton County, Indiana; and 2. racial discrimination in and amongst Westfield Washington Schools. Such testimony is being provided on a voluntary basis in accordance with real-life experiences and will be reviewed by the Greater Indianapolis NAACP Branch #3053 to facilitate investigation into the aforementioned matters of concern. Providing the testimony herein does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Further, any personal, identifying information contained in this form or provided to the Greater Indianapolis NAACP Branch #3053 by any other means will not be publicized or shared with the public without express consent of the person or persons providing said testimony. By submitting your testimony, you hereby grant the Greater Indianapolis NAACP Branch #3053 express consent to use and/or publicize the experiences you have described, but without identifying you by name or releasing other information that would reveal your identity.
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