GDM questionnaire
It is a quick 2 min survey where we wont collect emails and it is absolutely anonymous.
Thank you for contributing to help in prediction of GDM.
Note: This questionnaire captures data for each pregnancy separately.
1.Did you have Gestational Diabetes Mellitus(GDM)?
Clear selection
2.Your Age at pregnancy(two digit number)
3.In what pregnancy you had GDM?
Clear selection
4.Did you have diabetes in your previous pregnancies?
Clear selection
5.What was your blood pressure at the last visit before pregnancy?(please fill in the following format 100/70)
6.What is your Height in cms?
7.What was your weight before pregnancy in pounds?
8.Did you have any of following ailments?
9.If others for above please specify
10.Do you have any allergies?
Clear selection
11.If you have allergies please specify
12.Were you taking any medications before pregnancy(around the time of pregnancy)?
Clear selection
13.If Yes to the above please specify
14.Did you have any surgeries before pregnancy?
Clear selection
15.If Yes for previous surgeries please specify
16.Do you have a family history of Diabetes?
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17.Please check the following habits which apply to you
18.Did you work around pregnancy time?
Clear selection
19.Were you stressful around pregnancy time?(Please rate it on a scale of 10)
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20.Which area you were staying at around pregnancy time?
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