Bitcoin-IBD data contribution
This is community project to collect as much information about the Bitcoin Initial Blockchain Download (IBD) as possible.

Your answers are anonymous, but stored publicly here:

Data will be analysed once enough is collected and be available as a public resource.
Contributors to this project may be incentivised at some point. Donations may be lightning tips or inbound lighting channels, at the discretion of the project coordinators and funding. If you would like to be considered, please add your details below.

Note: we may never have the resources to do this.
Your or lightning node address here (optional)
Getting Started
For now, please download the latest Bitcoin Core client from here:
Or use Nodelauncher:

Previous versions as far back as V0.1.5 are available here:

Please specify your client below. Any data for any client is valuable to establish trends, even very old clients.
Bitcoin Client (eg Bitcoin Core V0.17) *
DBCache is a setting that determines the level of RAM utilisation. The default is 1GB on V0.17.
Forcing this higher will see faster IBD since more RAM can store the UTXO set in memory to validate.

Prior to starting your client, amend dbcache=<RAM> where RAM should be around 80-90% of your available RAM in MB. Ie, if you have 4gb of ram, set dbcache=3600 in the config file, or run bitcoind --dbcache=3600 on startup

More info:
DBCache ("default"/empty if unsure)
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