THE MAINE DANCE ACADEMY 2024-25 Dance, Pointe & Tumbling Registration

If you are a new or returning student (DANCE, POINTE OR TUMBLING), please fill out the following registration form by Tuesday , August 13, 2024. Once you have hit the submit button, you will receive a confirmation notice that your form has been submitted with the details of your registration. A registration form is only valid with a paid registration fee. You will have 48 hours to VENMO your fee to hold your spot in our Academy. After 48 hours your registration will be invalid and you will have to register again.
You can VENMO us at @Colleen-DuPlissie (QR Code is below)

If you are a new DANCE student over the age of 5, you must do all of the above and also be present on Tuesday, August 13, 2024 for a dance audition. The dance audition is done with all new students of the same age at one time. New students will be put through a few dance combinations to determine their dance level. New students DO NOT have to prepare anything for their dance audition. Please wear something easy to move in for this audition. These auditions are a lot of fun and no one should be nervous to be at this audition. NEW DANCE STUDENTS AGES 2-4 DO NOT NEED TO AUDITION. New students can purchase all their dance supplies on August 13, 2024. You must be present during the appropriate AGE times set for audition day.

The Maine Dance Academy Audition Schedule for NEW STUDENTS is Tuesday, August 13, 2024 as follows:

New 2 year olds: 3:00-3:30 pm- no audition required
New 3 year olds: 3:30-4:00 pm- no audition required
New 4 year olds: 4:00-4:30 pm - no audition required
New 5-7 year olds: 4:30-5:00 pm -must audition
New 8-10 year olds: 5:00-5:30pm -must audition
New 11-12 year olds: 5:30-6pm -must audition
New 13+: 6-6:30pm -must audition
Senior and youth cast auditions: 6:30-8:30pm

The registration fee (which also covers the audition) for NEW dance students is $55.00.

If you are a returning DANCE student, you DO NOT NEED TO AUDITION. You only need to register by simply filling out the following form and VENMO your registration fee. If RETURING STUDENTS need supplies, you can come to the studio during the hours of 5-7pm on August 13th.

The registration fee for returning dance students is $50.

Tumbling students DO NOT need to audition. If you are a returning student, we already know your ability and you will be placed accordingly. If you are a new student, you will be placed by age. During the first 2 weeks of tumbling, we will evaluate all new tumbling students and make the necessary changes if need be. If you are a new tumbling student, you may come to the studio on August 13th, during your specific AGE time to purchase your tumbling supplies.

The registration fee for tumblers is $50.00.

Dancers 5 and older can also register for our pointe/ballet classes. You must be enrolled in a regular dance class to also take a pointe/ballet class. Dancers will earn either their laces or pointe shoes depending on their age.

The registration fee for Pointe is $50.00

Completing this form is easy, just enter your dancer's information in the spaces provided. When you are finished, click the submit button at the bottom. You will receive a confirmation email notice from Miss Colleen stating that she has received your registration. All registrations and fees for new and returning students need to be received by Tuesday, August 13th, 2024.

Registration fees RECEIVED after 8/13/24 will be considered late and the fee will be $60.00 with no exceptions and no guarantee of a spot at TMDA.

Dancers auditioning after August 13th will need to have a private audition, and the fee will be $75.00.

All members of TMDA are required to wear TMDA logo wear to all classes which may be purchased in our dance store on August 13th or on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the school year.

We will host our CAST auditions from 6:30-8:30pm on Tuesday, August 13, 2024. We are again having OPEN AUDITIONS (The best student auditions, no matter what age, will receive parts) this year for students 6-18 years of age. Students must be a “known practicer” in order to audition for a CAST part. Those who register to audition will receive their audition music on August 1, 2024 via Dropbox with all the instructions you will need for your audition. All CAST auditions will need to fill out a separate registration form that you can find on the opening page of our website by July 1st, 2024. These forms will need to be completed online by July 30, 2024. The fee for CAST auditions is $30.00. You will Venmo your fee once you have completed your online registration. Once we have received your registration and audition fee, you will be sent your audition music and instructions through Dropbox on August 1, 2024.

All fees for all registrations must either be sent by VENMO to @Colleen-DuPlissie or be mailed to The Maine Dance Academy, C/O Colleen DuPlissie, 66 Garden Circle, Caribou, ME 04736. If you are mailing your registration fees, they must be received within 7 days and you must note on your registration form (in the “anything else we need to know about your child line) that your fee will come through the mail. After 7 days without the fee, your registration will be invalid and you will have to register again.

Please download the VENMO app as this is how all tuitions will be paid during the dance/tumbling year.

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