2020-21 Twitchell PTA Membership
Your Twitchell PTA membership funds evolving school technology needs, SSA clothing for those of us in need, student Twitchell folders, annual school calendars, and events such as Student of the Month, Teacher Appreciation, and the Accelerated Reader (AR) program. We are looking for creative ways to host community events to keep our kids connected and inventive ways to continue supporting our teachers. Become a supporting member of the PTA!

$10 Family Membership Dues:
-50% decreased annual dues of which $4.50 is paid to the Nevada State PTA
-Includes 2 adults and all family children
-We welcome and support every Twitchell Family. If the Membership Dues are a hardship please contact TwitchellPTACommunications@gmail.com.

$5.00 Faculty/Administration Membership Dues:
-$4.50 is paid to the Nevada State PTA.
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