Circalicious EOI 2018
Hello fabulous performers!
Have you got something new and exciting that you need an audience for?
We've got just the place for it!
Circalicious, the circus platform dedicated to getting new performers and new work out in front of an audience. So if you are a brand new or emerging performers this is a chance to get yourself infant of an audience. If you're an established performer it's a chance to try out a NEW act!

Upswing Arts presents Circalicious as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
In 2018 we will do 5 shows only.

You will need-
To send us your music files prior to the show
To help each other on stage
Your own rigging to attach your apparatus to the existing points ( i.e. carabinas/swivel etc).
To be aware that there is a short lead in time for tech, so keep it simple!
A COSTUME, bring me no grey or black jeans, shorts or singlets!!!! Colour and sparkle people!
Keep it professional, no full nudity or swearing please, it's a PG rated show.

Circalicious is run by Flee, who has 30 yrs coaching experience.... and the ultimate say in whether you are safe to perform with or without a safety mat- we will have one available at the venue.

What you get in return-
A freebie ticket to the show for a you and a friend-
The opportunity to film/photograph your act, and the opportunity to garner peer feedback from your fellow performers and industry representatives.
The opportunity to DAZZLE the audience!

We can't wait to see you on that stage!

You can contact us at

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