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Introduction & Overview
This application is for the job position of "Executive Assistant" at TGM Ventures. To learn more about TGM Ventures visit our website.

Position Overview:

As the Executive Assistant to the CEO of TGM Ventures, you'll work directly with the CEO to execute his vision inside and outside of the business. You'll play an important role in developing new businesses with the CEO, such as MangoMatch. You'll develop a deep and long term connection, acting as his eyes, ears and hands... often making decisions on his behalf.

  • Implement the CEO's strategic vision.
  • Organize and optimize the CEO's time.
  • Make decisions on his behalf whenever possible.
  • Manage and oversee key company projects.
  • Meet with stakeholders on behalf of the CEO.
  • Manage the inbox and communications of the CEO.
  • Split focus between administrative duties and project management tasks, ensuring strategic projects align with company goals.
  • Ensure team members receive the support and recognition from the executive office that they deserve.
Promotion Opportunity: The right candidate will be on a promotional track to "Chief of Staff".

Link to Full Job Description: Click Here

Link to Video Overview of Job: Click Here

Ready to Apply? 
You will need:
  • Approximately 30 minutes. 
  • Access to mobile phone camera or desktop camera. 
  • You will need to make several videos, in English, by using Loom.com (we will explain later).
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Here is a link to the video overview if you did not see it above.
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