Parents and Teachers as Allies Presenter Training Application
Please fill out this form to being the training process for becoming a presenter. This process includes attending an in-person session with a state-level trainer.

If you have any questions at any step in the process, even before you begin, please contact Jessica Miller at or 512-420-9810 ext. 1003.

NAMI Policies and Procedures:

All staff, volunteers and members of the Board of Directors are required to submit to a background check. If you have personal experience with the criminal justice system, please do not let that experience deter you from getting involved with NAMI Austin. Your experience has value with our organization as we strive to change the systems and perceptions that criminalize mental illness. Background check results will be handled in a highly confidential manner as we strive to ensure we make your experience as a volunteer with NAMI Austin the best it can be.

Parents and Teachers as Allies - Read carefully. *
I am 18 years old or older.
I can commit to giving at least one presentation.
I am a NAMI Austin member (or willing to become a member).
I am comfortable with self-disclosure.
I agree to abide by NAMI policies and procedures.
I understand that participation in training does not guarantee certification. NAMI state-level trainers determine if an individual has met all criteria.
I agree to consent to a basic background check after training (a finding does not automatically disqualify you).
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Volunteer Information
Note: the vast majority of NAMI's volunteer opportunities are in peer-peer programming roles. As such, your connection to mental illness is an important distinction which will help us determine which volunteer positions you may be eligible for. Information will be kept confidential.
When are you available to volunteer? *
Answer the applicable question: 1) What is your is your mental health condition or diagnosis? OR 2) What is your relative or loved one's mental health condition or diagnosis? *
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What was your experience as a young person with a mental illness in the school system, as a teacher, and/or as a parent/caregiver with a child in the school system? *
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What are your views on the roles of teachers and parents in the school setting in relation to youth with mental illness? *
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