Kamloops Pride Board Applications
Your answers will be published on KamloopsPride.com so that all members of the community can see your application. A link to the applications page will also be sent to everyone who signs up to attend the Annual General Meeting, where voting will take place.

Prior to signing up, please read through the following documentation to ensure you understand what is expected and required of you as a potential member of the Kamloops Pride Board.

Kamloops Pride Consitution: https://bit.ly/3zezUi7
Roles and Responsibilities: https://bit.ly/2NrnHxQ
Roberta's Rules: https://bit.ly/32DMUyX
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I have read, understood and agree to uphold, if elected, the terms outlined in the Kamloops Pride Constitution and Roles and Responsibilities document. (linked above) *
I understand that, if elected, I am expected to attend month board meetings, regular monthly committee meetings, attend as frequently as possible Kamloops Pride events and acknowledge the time commitment required outside of meetings as a member of the Kamloops Pride board: *
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Are you able to put in necessary time monthly to the board (meetings, events, etc)? Named Positions (President/Vice President/Treasurer/Secretary) 10+ hrs/month. General Board members 5+ hrs/month *
What contributions have you made to the LGBTQ2S+ community in the past year? *
Why do you want to join the Kamloops Pride board? *
If elected, what training or demonstrated skills would you bring to the board? Select all that apply: *
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