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To demonstrate that you have watched the training videos for the online evaluation forms, answer the following questions.
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What's the scope of an online evaluation?
Is the following a good example of a measurable course objective: "Read Chapter 5 in your textbook to understand the importance of managing records"?
Identify the characteristics of an online course that is well organized. Check all that apply.
True or False: Subject-area expertise can be demonstrated by how an instructor introduces content collected from other sources.
Where can an evaluator look in the online course for examples of professional communication with students? Check all that apply.
True or False: Students should be given opportunities to interact with one another in the online course.
Which are examples of Regular Effective Contact? Check all that apply.
True or False: If an instructor wants to provide evidence of Regular Effective Contact through feedback given to students, s/he can give the evaluator access to the grade book.
True or False: The online evaluation forms are only used for fully online courses, not hybrid ones.
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