COZY Application
In-Game Name and Discord ID (Name#1234)
Do you know anyone in <COZY>
What rank are you applying for?
Clear selection
What guild are you currently in? Why do you want to leave that guild?
COZY requirements for trial are quite high. Why do you believe you can meet those standards?
What is your time commitment level for Classic?
Tell us anything you feel is relevant in your Classic/Private Server/Retail experience.
Provide an image of your Classic WoW UI
What is your main class.
Clear selection
What is the ideal Spec you'd bring to a BWL Speed Run
What is the ideal Spec you'd bring to an AQ Speed Run
Do you have a raid ready alt?
Provide links to your Main and Alt WarcraftLogs.
What aspect of Classic WoW do you enjoy the most?
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