Blog Questionnaire
Hi, this is a short questionnaire for creating an interview blog post for your music. There are 12 questions and at the end I will ask for some information about you/your band. The end result will be your answers being posted on my site and social media pages with a plug. you can see examples of previous interviews at
Before you begin a couple of guidelines:
-Please have some music released, if you haven't yet released anything then please wait until you have before submitting.
-If you are a band, preferably nominate one person to respond rather than group answers - if you must answer as a group it helps if you specify who is answering when you write your answers
-It works best when you are honest and giving instinctive answers, don't overthink or try to be too much of a press release!
-Answers should be relative short - a few sentences maximum per question, but less is also ok
-Please avoid profanity(helps with making page searchable) - obviously no racism, sexism, homophobia etc
-Only one submission per person/band please
-You will need to provide a contact email and web page to find your music (eg bandcamp, facebook artist page, your own website - please no personal fb pages), don't submit if you cannot provide these
-Please don't include links in the questionnaire answers unless it asks for one
All personal info/contact info is private and will not be shared.

ok - here are the questions!
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What are your favourite qualities in a song? *
Where do you look for inspiration? *
Where are you happiest? *
As a performer, what makes a show special or memorable? *
As an audience member, what makes a show special or memorable? *
What is your idea of success? *
What is something you would like to learn more about? *
What was your biggest musical failure? *
What was your biggest musical success? *
Who do you look up to? *
What was the first song you have ever written like? *
Who (other than yourself) deserves a plug or shoutout and why? - you can add a link to them if you wish *
About you
Now I have some questions about you and your act, this will be used to construct the post. Before anything is published I will contact you to confirm that you are happy with everything.
What is your name/ name of your act *
If you are a band and one person is answering please say who you are and if possible your role in the band e.g. John Doe who plays bass. You can skip this question if you want to use the artist name from the previous question
Please provide a very brief description of your act. Use the third person if possible e.g. Band X is an electronic trio based in Paris *
Please provide link to your artist page eg facebook, bandcamp - wherever you want to direct people to find your stuff *
Please choose one song you would like us to link to. Please enter the song name and one link to where you would like to direct to, e.g. a spotify link or a youtube video (videos work best)- ONLY ONE SONG AND ONE LINK PLEASE *
Please provide a contact email, You will be contacted for confirmation before publishing - your contact info will not be shared or published *
You can also add other links to your website, instagram, soundcloud etc below if you wish, but it is not required.
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