Dear Colleague,

Below you will find an evaluation questionnaire regarding the use of our training manual: “Mental Health and Gender-Based Violence - Helping survivors of sexual violence in conflict”.
If you have received the manual we would appreciate if you could answer the following questions.
It will take you less than five minutes to helps us improve the manual to become a more practical tool for workers in the field of GBV. Please feel free to mention any aspect that you believe can be relevant to the next edition of the manual. Thank you for your time and kind collaboration.

Best Regards,

Diana Carolina Montoya
Health and Human Rights Info.
1. How did you get information about the manual? *
2. According to your overall experience, how useful has been the manual to you? *
3. If its not useful, please explain briefly why
4. In your daily work do you engage directly with (please check all that apply) *
5. When was the last time you use the training manual in any of its formats (paper copy, pdf electronic file, online version, ) *
6. Which of the following categories best describe your professional profile? if needed, you can chose more than one to describe what you do. *
7. Which of the following categories best describe the organisation/institution you work for or are vinculate with? *
8. Which section(s) of the manual have you used? (please check all that apply) *
9. Have you used the training manual for any of the following settings? (please check all that apply) *
10. Please select how relevant do you think the following topics (included in the manual) are for the work with survivors of sexual violence? *
Very Relevant
Little Relevant
Not Relevant
General theoretical aspects about gender based violence and violence against women
Human Rights Perspective
Knowledge about how the brain works
The window of tolerance
Communication skills: Being a Good helper characteristics, take care of yourself as a helper
The butterfly women metaphor
Grounding exercises
Dealing with trouble sleep and nightmares
Knowledge of support in reporting process, pros and cons
11. Did you find the butterfly women story appropiate to the trauma, triggers and trauma reminders? Please explain your answer. *
12. Do you think it is necessary to adapt the buttherfly women story to make it more useful in your cultural context? Please explain your answer. *
13. Please comment what tool presented in the manual could be more benefitial to the survivors and why? *
14. Have you share the manual with others? *
15. There are any other language different to English that do you think would be useful to translate the manual? If so, which one? *
16. What final comments would you like to make about the manual that could help us to imporve the future editions? *
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