Healing through Empowerment
Please complete the following questions in preparation for the Healing Through Empowerment series. If you have any questions that you'd like to discuss before registering, feel free to call Clara at (207) 232-0484. Thanks.
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Healing Through Empowerment Series
About the Series:
Healing through Empowerment is a group series which uses mindfulness techniques, body-based exercises, discussion, role play, verbal and physical self defense techniques, and reflection as tools for healing from abuse and assault. You will learn to observe and honor your own responses and preferences as felt in the body and develop practices to identify and express what you want, need, and feel in your own life. With an emphasis on choice and control, you'll explore and gain tools for managing adrenalin, connecting with the body and feeling its strength and stability for safety, healing, and growth.  For more information on our healing work please visit our website www.PACMaine.com.

The Goals of Healing through Empowerment include gaining:
- Gaining greater confidence in dealing with challenging people in your life
- Increased feelings of safety in your body
- Increased feelings of safety in your daily life
- New perspectives on healing from trauma
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Suggested contribution is $10 to $20 per session. Let us know what you feel will work for you. If it is less than $10/week that's ok!
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