GSRP Community Needs Assessment & Application (CNAA)(New Providers ONLY)
Thank you for considering Wayne RESA GSRP as a funding source for your child care center. Before completing this application, we encourage you to browse over the GSRP Implementation Manual at,4615,7-140-63533_50451-217313--,00.html.
Once you have reviewed the manual, we ask that you complete the attached application in it's entirety. It will be reviewed by our committee and you will be notified of their decision.

Complete this survey if you did NOT receive funding from Wayne RESA for the 2017-18 School Year and are requesting to be considered for funding in the 2018-19 School Year

Owner/ Director/School District/PSA Contact Name, Email Address & Cell Phone Number *
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Program Name *
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Program Address (Street Address, City, State & Zip Code *
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Program Phone Number *
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License Number (You must have a license to apply) *
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License Capacity Number of Children and ages served *
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License Effective Dates *
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Does this license have any special investigations *
If yes, have you been required to submit a corrective action plan *
Are you offering a minimum of 7 hours a day to children *
Does your program operate a minimum of 30 weeks and 120 days between September & June *
What is your Great Start to Quality Published Score *
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List ages of children currently enrolled *
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Do you offer supplementary child care *
Do you receive food reimbursement (If yes, state source) *
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Do you provide transportation services (If yes, in what capacity) *
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Are you willing to implement the HighScope curriculum with fidelity *
Are you willing to use Ages & Stages Questionnaire as your screening tool & COR Advantage as your assessment tool *
Total number of GSRP students requested for 2018-19 (Max. 16 for first year) *
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Does the current teacher have a Bachelor Degree in Child Development or Early Childhood *
Do the current classroom assistants have a Child Development Associate Degree or a valid CDA *
Does the site currently operate a Head Start Program *
Information Completed By Name, Email Address & Phone Number *
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Thank you for your time and your interest in serving Wayne County GSRP eligible students. You can following us at for information regarding our program.
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