Giant Settlers of Catan Sign Up Form
Event Timing: May 13, 2017
Event Address: North Shore Riverwalk, North Little Rock, AR
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Giant Settlers of Catan Sign Up Form
Do you love the game Settlers of Catan so much you are ready to take it off the table top? Join us at NLR Mini Maker Faire for a giant-sized Catan board with enlarged pieces. We've created the board, we want you to show up and play!

To keep things moving, we are changing the rules a little. Each game will last 55 minutes. The player or players with the most points after 55 minutes win. No tiebreakers. Five minutes will be used between games to reset the board.

If you sign up, we will text you 10 minutes before your scheduled game to verify your attendance. Walk-ins will be accommodated as much as possible. In case of high demand, you may be asked to play as part of a team.

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