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Name Vetting - $388

Name vetting is for one name only. If a name change is required, you can just top up the difference of $400


Name Selection - $688

The deliverables for the name selection package include:

1) A simplified version of my BaZi (八字) report to identify the elements required in the name and why a particular name was picked.

2) Two names provided by myself

3) Two names provided by you for vetting

4) Q&A for the duration of the engagement on why that particular name was chosen


C-Section - $1288
(Add-On) Name selection - $1688

A brief BaZi analysis will be given to explain why a particular date was chosen. It will not be a full analysis of the child's whole life. I do not recommend getting a full reading right after the child is born.

I will be contactable throughout the engagement till the BaZi analysis has been provided.


I will breakdown the BaZi chart (it won't be a full analysis though) and the name selection process so that you can understand why a particular name was chosen. The engagement will be done online and a report will be sent to you. Meanwhile, do check out this blog post of mind here on the process of the name selection -

I understand that you might be uncomfortable doing this online, so do check out my testimonials and see if it helps to ease your mind - All my engagements, other than feng shui audits, have been conducted online

You can always get in touch with me directly via email at or mobile at +65 8828 3979 if the request is urgent you need any doubts clarified. Thanks once again and I'll be in touch soon! Let's begin by filling up your contact details:

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