2021 Call for Preconferences: Submission deadline May 14
Our 2021 conference will be a hybrid event, with the opportunity for both virtual preconferences to be scheduled online during the month of October as well as hybrid and in-person meetings on the Monday or Tuesday (November 1 or 2) prior to the conference in Charleston.

Our 2021 conference dates are November 1 - 5. We look forward to receiving your proposal. Please contact Leah Hinds with questions at leah@charlestonlibraryconference.com.
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Competition: What sessions have you attended or heard about on this topic? Where were they held? How will this session be different or will it? Discuss specific strengths and weaknesses and how your session will vary. *
Audience: Who will be the primary audience for your session? Will it include all parties – publishers, vendors, librarians, consultants, students or just a subgroup. *
Publicity: Please provide the names and contact details for three or four listservs, blogs, social media channels you feel would be appropriate to use to publicize your session. We encourage you to publicize your session yourself as well. Your session will be publicized in Against the Grain and on the Charleston Conference and related websites. *
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