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Are you a student in high or secondary school, between the age of 14 - 18 years old? Are you interested in learning about robotics engineering and other STEM opportunities? - then consider joining Team DADLIBOTS as we prepare annually to represent Antigua and Barbuda in the FIRST Global Challenge.

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Registration is FREE and anyone who would like to support student as mentors are also welcomed to volunteer.

The 2023 FIRST Global Robotics Challenge, Singapore will be hosted from 7 - 10 October at the Singapore EXPO center #FGC2023Singapore -

FIRST Global organizes a yearly international olympic-styled robotics challenge to ignite a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) among the more than two billion youths across the world.

By bringing these future STEM leaders together in an engaging and collaborative competition that drives home the importance, excitement, and applicability of STEM education, FIRST Global inspires students to learn the skills they will need to make the discoveries their parents and grandparents would consider miracles, impossibilities, or just plain science fiction.

FIRST Global also strives to convince the various governments and organizations of the world to embrace STEM education, and to support it by investing in their young adults that will soon begin to make their marks in the world. 

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There is also a dedicated page on the FIRST Global website that hosts a collection of FREE educational information, made available to country teams in support of continued learning and skill development each year.

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Teams will also have access to FIRST Global Forums where they can network with each other, discuss their projects, and more...

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Mr. Elijah James (Team Mentor)
Phone / WhatsApp: (268) 775-5757
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