Tanzania Startup Association Membership Application Form
Tanzania Startup Association (TSA) is an umbrella membership-based organization, which brings together stakeholders of the startup ecosystem; including early-stage businesses, small and medium businesses, innovation hubs, social enterprises, venture capital, and private equity funds in Tanzania.

TSA is accepting and reviewing membership applications on a rolling basis. You can join as a startup, as a hub or accelerator, as a financer, or any other identity in the startup ecosystem. Procedures for joining and becoming a member of the TSA are very simple.

1. You can become a member by filling this membership application form.
2. After filling the form, TSA will contact you to cross-check your information and request your documents.
3. If your information is valid, you will then be awarded membership status. If your information is invalid, your application will be declined and TSA will provide feedback as well.
4. For more information about membership, please contact us through membership@tsa.co.tz 

If interested, kindly fill the form below to become a member and join an organization that understands your business. If you are in the Startup ecosystem, TSA is working right now to better the environment and improve your viability. Join and inspire others to do the same and help establish a strong Startup ecosystem in Tanzania!

PS: This form serves as a show of interest only. You and or your organization will be fully accepted after you've responded to the "Membership Confirmation Form" that we will share with you through the email address you provide here.

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