GWC-UAW Strike - Picket Sign-up
If President Bollinger and the Columbia administration refuse to begin good faith negotiations with our union by Tuesday, April 24, at 10am, we will commence striking our work immediately.

Please pledge to strike and sign-up for your picketing shifts below. In order to have a strong, visible picket line, it will be important to spend as close as possible to 20 hours on the line in lieu of working.

Tuesday 4/24: 10am to 3pm (Low)
Wednesday 4/25: 11am to 3pm (Low)
Thursday 4/26: 11am to 3pm (CUMC - Hammer)
Friday 4/27: 11am to 3pm (Low)
Monday 4/28: 11am to 3pm (Low)
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Tuesday 4/24
Wednesday 4/25
Thursday 4/26 (CUMC Campus)
Friday 4/27
Monday 4/30
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