Workplace Change
This survey is designed to capture your views on the effectiveness of a current or recent change process in your organisation. Please provide your views on an actual change process that you have personally experienced. The demographics questions in Section 4 are optional, however, if you provide your details, a summary of the survey results will be available to you. You may re-enter and repeat this survey to respond to separate individual change processes that you have experienced. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and the data will be used to inform improved approaches to organisational change.

This survey is being run by practitioners, for practitioners and is not associated with any commercial organisation or University. The data will be analysed and interpreted to determine the areas we should focus on to improve our approaches to workplace change. Participants in the survey, who optionally choose to provide an email address, will have summary data of the findings from the survey available at no cost. Participants who choose to provide contact details will not be identified in any reports generated from the data. Organisational leaders and change practitioners will be able to use these findings as a benchmark against which to compare their own workplace change efforts.

How recent is the change process that you are reporting on?
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