QMed:Pre-workshop survey-Litsearch-PubMed
Do you need the Literature search + PubMed course? Check for yourself
Do you know when to use parentheses or round brackets and when to use square brackets -[ ] - while searching PubMed *
Do you know how to search PubMed starting from the Mesh database?(If your answer is No / Not sure, you definitely need this workshop!!) *
You did a search on a topic. From the results you want a single set where every item either - a) Has an Abstract b) Is free c) Is free and also has an abstract .- both. (Your set should not have results where every item is both free and also has an abstract) *
Do you know how to get results on a topic published in journals from a specific country? *
You attend a talk and the speaker has referenced a picture she shows, with a journal reference, where she only shows one author, with year of publication and page no. Do you know which tool in PubMed helps you find this easily *
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