NashiCon Lip Sync Battle Royale 2: The Revengeance
Think you're the best at lip sync? Want to prove it? Just want to get on stage and show us your moves? Join the Battle Royale and compete against others in this knock-down, drag-out fight against other NashiCon attendees and staff! (Disclaimer: please do not actually fight anyone. "Knock-down" and "drag-out" are just hyperboles). Filling out this entry form does not guarantee your ability to perform during our Lip Sync Battle Royale.

1) Your song and performance must be PG-13.
2) You must send us a Youtube link to your song, and we would prefer that it has a music video.
3) Please don't submit a really long song. Like 6 minutes max.
4) Please don't do any sort of acrobatics or other dangerous things on the stage.
5) No weapons, explosives, glitter, etc.
6) That's literally it those are the only rules.

It's first-come, first-serve, so apply early if you want in! Also make sure to show up at least 10 minutes before the start of the battle!

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