Welcome Questions for Authors
Thank you for contacting Anny Ewing and Altamira Language Learning about working together on your manuscript!

I offer 3 levels of editing, depending where you are in the process of moving your story from THE END to PUBLISH (See Steps to publishing your comprehensible reader here: whats-your-next-step.org/video-tutorials and here: whats-your-next-step.org/how-to-handouts):

Editorial letter (https://altamira.org/editor)
Copy edit (https://altamira.org/copy-editor)
Proofread (https://altamira.org/proofreader)

The following questions will help guide us in determining the best place to start our collaboration. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

—Anny Ewing (anny@altamira.org)

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About you as a writer
Are you a first-time author? *
What level of editing are you looking for? *
What is your native language? *
What is the language of your manuscript? *
About your story
These questions help me know what your intentions were as you wrote and revised your story, so I can see whether they come through in my reading of your manuscript. Answering these questions may also help you clarify some of these elements for yourself (and can come in handy when you are writing cover copy or a catalogue blurb later :-).
Title or working title of your story *
Who is the intended audience: school + language level? (check all that apply)
Is your story fiction or non-fiction? *
What do you see as the genre of your story (check all that apply). *
Every good story has an identifiable thread or rhythm. In one or two sentences, what is your overarching storyline or underlying story flow? [E.g. for The Wizard of Oz (movie version): A girl feels unappreciated and runs away from home, only to find herself in a strange land with new friends. After a series of adventures, she realizes what she really wants is to go back home and, eventually, she does.] *
A compelling main character is guided by a core value or essential belief.  In one or two sentences, what is your protagonist's core value? *
A protagonist often has identifiable objects of desire: an external goal that is immediately obvious to the reader; and a less obvious, internal goal that we become aware of as the story progresses. In one or two sentences, what are your protagonist's external and internal goals? *
In one or two sentences, is your protagonist changed by what happens in the story? If so, how? If not, why not? *
About your manuscript
These questions will help me understand where you are in getting your manuscript ready for publication and how I can best help you along the way. They may also serve as a reminder to you of important steps in the process from THE END to PUBLISH. (Also, see Steps to publishing your comprehensible reader at the link at the top of this survey)
Who has read your manuscript so far? (check all that apply) *
For each reader indicated above, please list them here, with more information about their particular expertise (E.g. My mother: a native speaker of Spanish and my most honest critic. My colleague Pat Miller: a non-native French teacher with a lot of CI teaching experience. Etc.) *
How did you frame the feedback you wanted from your readers? What did you ask them to do or look for as they read your story? (E.g. look at correctness of language, character development, story consistency, cultural representation, comprehensibility, reading level, etc.). *
What feedback did your readers give you that you have worked into your revisions? *
Were there any comments or suggestions that you rejected? What were they and why? *
What is the status of illustrations for your book?
What state is your text in right now? (See Quick Steps to formatting: https://tinyurl.com/WYNStepD1)
Word count of your manuscript
Is there anything you’d like me to pay particular attention to or issues you have concerns about? *
Any other comments or questions? Feel free to add them here or contact me by email at Anny@Altamira.org.
If you are ready to submit a manuscript, please send it as an email attachment to Anny@altamira.org or include a link here.
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