Chinese Painting Demo & Lecture
Speaker: Zhang, Xijie张锡杰
2:00 – 4:00PM, Sunday, Feb.16, 2014
W20-306 (Student Center at Mass. Avenue 77), MIT, MA, USA
美国波士顿剑桥市麻省理工学院 学生活动中心W20-306
Host: Chinese Painting Guild中国画协会 主办
Co-Host: 麻省理工学院创业社团; 麻省理工中国学生学者联合会; 上海交大波士顿校友会 协办

Bio: Prof. Zhang is a long-time member of the SDNU community, studying, living and teaching there for more than 36 years. Prof. Zhang specializes in ink and wash painting works of birds and flowers, known for his vigorous freehand brushwork. Creatively integrated with Zen Kudzu and branch-folding thinking, his painting expresses the aesthetics of infinity, creates a strong visual impact and manifests the infinite vigor. He is also known for calligraphy, seal cutting and painting on ceramics.
张锡杰 号葛藤山人、大瓢。1956年生于山东文登。1982年毕业于山东师范大学美术系,并留校任教。现为山东师大美术学院教授。善大写意花鸟、书法、篆刻、刻陶、画瓷。以“葛藤禅”入画道,弘拓花鸟画传统“折枝”思维的情趣审美,为现代“宇宙意识”无限感的法相审美,尤重民族传统文化精神内涵的承接与外来艺术营养的汲取,力求时代感的艺术语言;崇尚气势,率性真朴,恣意雄浑,自立一格;讲究用笔、用墨、用色、布局与画面意境的双重审美;作品具有浓厚的民族精神、时代气息和强烈的艺术生命感染力。

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