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Include this year in your total. For example, if 2024 is your first season, enter '1'. If 2024 will be your fifth year, enter '5'. 2020 (COVID-19) counts if you were registered to play. If you missed a season because you were pregnant, this also counts. Please be as accurate as possible, the Club uses this information to assist with record keeping such as Long Service awards.
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If you are a goalie, would you be interested in being asked to fill in additional games for $50? *
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Are you 55+ and interested in volunteering 15 hours a week to fulfil your Job Seeker requirements? *
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If you have any medical conditions that may impact your ability to play hockey, please notify your Captain to assist in treatment if necessary.
If you are playing Seniors, would you like $55 from your fees refunded by appearing on the Umpiring Roster once this season to umpiring a weekend game? *
Are you interested in appearing on the internal Club Umpire List? If yes, we will contact you throughout the year asking if you would like to cover games. Payment ranges from $55 to $75 per game depending on location and grade. *
Do you agree to abide by the La Trobe University Hockey Club Code of Conduct and other policies? *
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Should the season be canceled early (due to COVID-19 or similar), the club will act fairly when considering full or partial refunds. This is largely determined by our two biggest costs:

1) If budget remains after fairly remunerating coaches for their time, including preseason
2) Whether Hockey Victoria provides refunds for team entry fees

Please remember the club has fixed costs such as ground hire, website, etc. All these factors determine if we can provide a refund.

Note if an individual misses some or all of the season due to illness, injury, or change of mind, we are not able to provide a refund.
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