JCI Growth & Development Academy - application
The JCI Growth & Development Academy will take place 11th-14th of June 2016 just outside of Tampere, Finland.

Starts: 11th of June 2016 at 12:00
Ends: 14th of June 2016 at 17:00

Accommodation: Keurusharju Loma-asunnot, Keurusseläntie 134, 42700 Keuruu, Finland
Training: Hotelli Keurusselkä, Keurusseläntie 134, 42700 Keuruu, Finland

This Academy focuses on how to build a sustainable local and national organization. Participants will be provided with a set of tools and skills to improve or set up their local organization and will be trained in how to put what they learned into action.

Target group:
a) Future Leaders of local organizations that are in need of sustainable growth (e.g. newly established organizations, or organizations that wish to improve their membership numbers)
b) Future leaders of small national organizations (maximum 150 members)

Registration deadline: 30th of April 2016
Price: Free, included is training, accommodation, food and all training material.

This Academy is hosted by the JCI European Development Council with support from JCI Foundation. The training will be free of charge for participants as approved at the European President Meeting in Aberdeen last February. The aim is to support both new and small National Organizations as well as those Organizations who have been facing decrease in membership for the last year. We have a limit of 32 participants and the COC team will review the applications and prioritize according to the status of the National Organization. All applications need to be approved by the National President respectively.

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