International Changemaker Olympiad 2018-19: Registration Form

1. There are 3 levels of the competition. You will be participating and competing in the level you are a part of.

Level 1 - 7th and 8th grade
Level 2 - 9th and 10th grade
Level 3 - 11th and 12th grade

2. You can form a team of 3, 4, or 5 team members only.

3. All members of a team have to be belonging to the same level. It's not required to have students from the same section or the same standard. Ex. a team can have students from 9th and 10th standards also as both the standards belong to the same level.

4. Only 1 team member from a team can be from another school, if the team wishes, provided that member is also in the same level.

5. Try to form a team with members who can work together outside of school hours. It's okay if you are forming a team with someone who might not necessarily be your best friend.

6. You don't have to fill details for the 4th and 5th team member in this form if your team has only 3 team members. Similarly, you don't have to fill details for the 5th team member if your team has 4 team members.


1. You are excited to be participating in the International Changemaker Olympiad 2018-19.

2. You have finalised the team members who would be forming a team together. Change in team members later will not be entertained.

3. Noting that the Olympiad will go on for the next 4 months approximately and that the team will have to work together during the same period.

4. Noting that at the time of registration, you don't need to have the problem you want to solve finalised, as the mentor can help you decide that after registration also. If different team members have different ideas in mind at this time, that's fine and you can register. The mentor will help you to arrive at a consensus soon.


After successful registration, you'll be assigned a mentor who will get in touch with you soon. All the best and we are sure you will learn a lot and have a lot of fun at the same time!

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