Business Scholarship Application
The Lorena Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer scholarship opportunities in 2020 to the Lorena graduating seniors who will be continuing their education!

The following business courses that qualify are listed below:
- Accounting
- Digital Media
- Financial Services
- Marketing
- Manufacturing
- Real Estate
- Sales/Advertising
- Small Business

If you don't see your course listed please email to see if you qualify
Application must include all of the following to receive consideration:
- Two letters of recommendation: one personal, one from a school-related professional (administrator or teacher)

- A digital letter to the Chamber Scholarship Committee stating intended major and including a summary describing yourself and your goals

- A digital essay that describes your goals for you college education and the impact you expect it to have on yourself, others, and your community

- A signed affidavit (included with this application) certifying that if awarded a scholarship, the funds will be used only for college tuition or other needs related directly to your college education (i.e. books)

*Applications must be received with all related information by March 31, 2020 to receive consideration.

*Send the following information to the following email:
Full Name *
Date of Birth *
Street Address *
City/State/Zip *
Phone Number *
Email *
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