iWeb Corpus Quiz
A quiz to help you practice and feel comfortable using the iWeb Corpus as a strategy to improve vocabulary and writing.
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1. Is this a correct use of the word “constitute”? "The defendant's actions are constitute negligence." Use the iWeb Corpus to figure out an answer. Then write your explanation below using information you learned from the iWeb Corpus. *
2. In the sentence below, which word is better to use: First or Firstly? And is a comma needed after the word? Use information from the iWeb Corpus to explain your answer! "First/Firstly it seems that John's texting did not violate the ordinance." *
3. What's the correct pronunciation of the word "precedent"? Use the iWeb Corpus to help you find the answer. Then, in the below space, copy and paste the link you find that helps you to know how to pronounce the word "precedent." *
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