AAMRI's Communications Network Survey
We are looking at reinstating our previously formed Communications Network specifically for medical research institute staff.

Medical research comes with a unique set of challenges which can benefit from speaking with like minded colleagues. To facilitate this, AAMRI operates a variety of networks in key business areas that discuss issues, share ideas and network at an annual event.

To better understand how a future Communications Network could benefit you, we would be delighted if you could fill out the survey below. Your feedback will help us in developing the network and future events.

Would you be interested in joining a Comms Network for medical research institute staff? *
What would interest you most about being a member of a Comms Network for medical research institutes? *
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Somewhat interested
Very interested
Annual conference with talks, workshops and networking
An online group to discuss ideas, best practice and troubleshoot
Sharing of resources, policies and publications
Supporting career development
Training opportunities
Networking opportunities with other Institutes
At a Comms Network conference, which discussion topics would be of most interest to you? *
Not interested
Somewhat interested
Very interested
Media / Public relations
Social media
Patient advocacy
Political engagment
Community engagement
Medical research sector specific issues (sensitivities, legislation etc)
Strategy development
Other areas:
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If you are interested in an online group what platform would you prefer:
What else would you like to gain from this Network?
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