FMC Congregational Visioning Exercise
The following two questions were posed at our congregational meeting with PEC President David Guthrie on Sunday, May 23, following worship. Individuals were asked to spend a few minutes writing their own answers, which were then shared and discussed in breakout groups of 5-6 people and documented by Board members.

Please answer candidly. Answers received via this form will be compiled with those from the congregational meeting to help paint a picture of how our members envision First Moravian Church in 3-4 years.
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Question 1: Imagine that it is the year...late 2024, early 2025. We have completed another presidential election cycle and inauguration. A new pastor has arrived at First Moravian. There's an excitement, a buzz about what's happening at FMC: spiritual growth, working together as brothers and sisters in Christ, and reaching out to our community. The new pastor comes to you and says: "I'd like for you to write a blurb for our newsletter about all of the good stuff that's going on in the life of our church." What are the top 2-3 things you write about in your article that are creating so much energy, excitement, and buzz at FMC? (Specifically consider the areas of spiritual growth, community together, and mission.) *
Question 2: Your article was published and ended up on the church webpage where it caught the eye of the editor of the Lindley Park newsletter, a neighborhood publication that serves the surrounding community. The editor loves all the things that are happening at First Moravian and wants to schedule an interview with you. However, instead of discussing more details about the programs and activities that are generating so much excitement, the editor wants to take a different angle on the story and says: "I don't want to hear more about what you are doing at FMC, but rather how you GOT there. I want to hear about the key choices you or decisions you made together that got First Moravian to where you are now. What were the events that happened or turning points in the life of your church that propelled you forward to reach this point over the last 4-5 years?" List your answers below. *
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