This survey is designed to help the San Diego Countywide Indivisible network understand which level of engagement fits your personal interests and needs and, whenever possible, to identify one of the over 30 local Indivisible groups that is good match for you. Thanks for your interest in Indivisible!
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Have you already joined a local Indivisible group?
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If so, please identify the local group
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Would it be OK if an Indivisible group wants to text you?
What issues are you most passionate about? (Most groups are addressing a wide range of issues, but some focus more on some than others.)
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To the extent you are comfortable doing so, tell us a bit about yourself. For example: Are you in school? If so, what are you studying? Do you work? Are you a parent? Are you retired? Do you have experience and skills that can be useful in political organizing? Are you a member of other organizations or community groups, and if so, which ones?
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Which of the following most accurately describes your current interest in Indivisible? Check one or more boxes based on your time and interest:
Educate myself about key issues, elections, etc. through accessing a group’s e-newsletter and/or social media
Attend events (issue and candidate forums, rallies, town halls, marches, etc.) if they occur on a day and time that works for me
Participate in regular group meetings, if they are held on a day and time that works for me
Consider taking on some volunteer role (e.g. join a committee or working group), especially if there is training to do so
Select all that apply
Most Indivisible groups have regular meetings (most often monthly, but some more often and others less often) and they are held in various cities and neighborhoods around the county and in San Diego. If you want to participate in meetings -- please do, if at all possible! -- what city or neighborhood(s) would be most convenient or of greatest interest for you?
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Would any of the following days and times be important in making it possible for you to attend a group’s meetings? Check all that apply.
Would any of the following be important in making it possible for you to attend a group's meetings?
Child care available
Accessible to persons with physical disabilities
Language translation
American Sing Language
Check all that apply
If you selected language translation above, please specify language:
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Nearly all groups are actively using social media, but some rely more heavily on it for communications than do others. Which of these descriptions most closely describes you:
I am very active on social media on a daily basis
I have social media accounts (FB and/or others) and am comfortable with them, but don’t use them on a daily basis
I have social media accounts, but don’t like to use them or rarely do
I have avoided using social media
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Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. San Diego Countywide Indivisible Outreach and Inclusion Team ♥
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