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Introduction to Canvas
New to Canvas? After an overview of Canvas environment and the global navigation options, you will explore the course navigation menu and individual components that are used to deliver content and assess student performance. You will learn how to customize your course Home page, create Announcements, upload files, use the rich content editor to create content, adjust course settings and publish your course so it is available to students. Instructor: Jane Tutein
Assignments and Grading
In Canvas, "Assignments" refer to any scored student work--online submitted assignments, unsubmitted activities, scored discussion, or even quizzes. In this session, you will learn how to create different types of assignments, group assignments to make grade weighting easier, and use the Gradebook and SpeedGrader to quickly score student work. Prerequisite: Introduction to Canvas. Instructor: Jane Tutein
Canvas Quizzes
Learn the basics of the Quizzes tool including how to create a quiz, specify settings, add individual questions and preview a quiz. You will also learn how to use question groups to organize and randomize questions and how to adjust settings to secure the quiz. This workshop is designed for individuals have prior experience with Canvas. Prerequisite: Introduction to Canvas Instructor: Jane Tutein
Canvas Groups & Collaboration
Canvas enhances class teamwork by easing group creation and collaboration. Participants will learn how to create and manage groups and group assignments, and experience the collaborative potential of live-edited documents. Prerequisite: This is an intermediate level workshop for individuals who have prior experience with Canvas assignments and grading. Instructor: Jane Tutein
Incorporating Multimedia Content, Feedback and Student Work in Canvas
Participants will explore the many ways to use multimedia to engage students. You will learn how to add online content such as YouTube and TED videos and online images, as well as use Canvas’s built-in media tool to create and upload short audio or video clips for student work and assignment feedback. Prerequisite: Prior experience or completion of Intro to Canvas and Assignments & Grading. Instructor: Jane Tutein
Drop-in Open Lab
Drop-In Open Lab is a beginning-of-the-semester extended lab in which participants will be able to receive help with their course(s). Participants should have completed Introduction to Canvas prior to attending a drop-in lab.
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