Chaffey Adult School - WASC Student Survey
1. What program/classes are you enrolled in?
2. What are your career, employment or educational interests or goals?
3. What difficulties or obstacles did or do you have in your adult school education?
Please mark the box that best indicates your level of agreement with the statement.
4. I have learned a lot from the class I am taking at the adult school.
5. My teacher knows much about the subject he or she teaches.
6. My teacher is available and I feel comfortable asking questions or for help.
7. I know where or how to get help when I have a question or problem at school.
8. I know where or how to get help or advice from an adult school counselor.
9. Computers/laptops/chromebooks are used in my class.
10. My teacher uses technology, projector/screen or computer/tablet in his or her teaching.
11. My teacher uses tests or quizzes to find out what I know.
12. My teacher assigns homework.
13. I have a smart phone.
14. I use e-mail at home or at school.
15. I use texting (text) at home or at school.
16. I know how to use the Internet.
17. I know how to use an app.
18. I know there are other courses or programs offered at Chaffey Adult School.
19. I know who the Principal or Assistant Principal is at my school.
Do you have any comments or suggestions for improving the adult school:
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