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ARP/ ESSER III (American Rescue Plan Act 2021) Student/Parent/Community Collaboration Survey
As a stakeholder for Kansas Public Schools, please answer each question as if you have a child, children, grandson,grand daughter, niece, nephew, or other family members attending our district. What would be important for our district to focus on in an effort to provide a continuity of services for all during COVID-19 ? Thank you in advance.
What best describes you within the Kansas Public Schools' Community? *
Which areas of learning resources and support are important to your household? (COVID 19 Related Learning Loss and availability to additional services) Select all areas that apply. *
Would your household support your child/children participating in extended academic day activities to address learning loss in the areas of Reading/Math/Science or other identified areas of support? *
After School Academic Support: If KPS provided after school transportation to designated drop off locations within our normal route stops, would these services be utilized for your child/children to remain after school? *
Identify a location closest to you for a transportation stop. (If not listed, select other and share possible stop.)
Would your household benefit from before academic tutoring or after school academic tutoring ? Select the time frame that best serves your household. *
KPS values Pre-K because it provides children with the opportunity to grow and develop, improve student achievement K-12, and enhance early literacy and math skills. Select the importance of KPS continuing to provide Pre Kindergarten (Pre-K) as an option. *
Which areas of a student's learning environment are important to your household? Select all that apply. *
Which areas of transportation are important to your household? (COVID-19 Safety ) Select all areas that apply. *
KPS will be offering Virtual Learning for school year 2021-22 through an approval process with administration. Share areas of concern if your student experiences Distance Learning related to COVID-19. *
KPS recognizes the importance of a school counselor. Share topics your household feels are important for the emotional, social, and academic well being of your child/children during school . (response to COVID 19 related coping skills) Select all areas that apply. *
KPS supports the placement of a school counselor at the Elementary, Middle School, and High School sites. Does your household feel a school counselor is needed at each school location? *
On a scale of 0-5, how would your rate the usability and design of our Kansas Public Schools' website? ( *
Share your comments on how to improve our Kansas Public Schools website or specific information as a stakeholder (student/parent/guardian/community member) you would like added to the website.
KPS values two way communication for activities, events, school notifications, and parental involvement (etc.). Share your household preferences for maintaining an open line of communication with the school and current notifications. Please select all that apply. *
Please visit our school website ( to view our Return to Learn Plan, ARP ESSER III Suggested Plan and other updated information. We will value any comments and questions you may have in an effort to assist us with providing a quality education for your child/children.
Thank YOU for taking the time to complete our survey. Your input is very important to Kansas Public Schools District.
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