Please take the time to read the information below

- The number of places are limited.

- Participation is completely free of charge.

- The decision on participation in the event is determined by the event committee consisting of Ivo Zander and Liv Arif.

- The number of participating members of individual entrepreneurial teams or founders of the same company is limited to two.

- The selection of participants is based partly on the submitted description of the planned business idea or on-going business and partly on the issues the participants want to raise with the panel of leading entrepreneurs.

-Decision on participation will be announced on 10/11 through email and more information will follow.

- The decision cannot be appealed.

The questions below are written in English but it is possible to answer in Swedish.


If you, as a former participant, want to attend this year's Mission Start-up, you will sit as an audience and the focus will mainly be on this year's participating start-ups, who are participating for the first time.

When: 19 november 09.30 am -12.30 pm
Where: ? Hotell Villa Anna, Uppsala
Adress: Odinslund 3, 753 10 Uppsala

Together we will go to the Anders Wall lecture in the University House about 300 meters from Villa Anna, where we have reserved VIP-seats.
After the lecture, the evening will continue with a mingle at Uppsala Castle (From 16.30 pm).

For questions, contact Liv (project manager) at:

Welcome to an inspiring morning that offers breakfast, lunch and of course a luxurious goodie bag!

Bring your ideas to the table!

Best regards,
Liv Arif & Ivo Zander
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