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Hey! As you know, this project is all about helping the elders in our town during this pandemic. They will appreciate it more than you know, so thanks for helping out. You can either write a letter to a resident, or create any sort of artwork to give to them. Some of the nursing homes we reached out to gave us a list of names of their residents so if you decide to write a letter, we may be able to tell you who to address it to. Make sure to put your name so we can know who it is from. In addition, if you need to earn community service , this is the perfect opportunity! You can earn from as little as 30 minutes to an hour of community service per card! (This depends on when you submit your letters, contact us for more information).

Letter ideas:
•introduce yourself
•ask questions about their life to get them thinking & tie it in w info about your life
ex: my favorite food is pizza, what is yours?
• explain your interests (music, sports) & ask for theirs
• talk about your family members, ask about theirs
(when we say ask for theirs, they aren’t able to write back so it’s more just to get their mind stimulated and thinking. So for example you could be like “I really love playing soccer and I practice all the time. Is there something you are really passionate about? Now would be a good time to look into it or read about it!)
•let them know they are loved and their family misses them
•tell them we are thinking of them and they will get through this tough time
-just write from your heart like it’s your grandma and you miss them too!

Art ideas:
Literally anything! Even drawing a rainbow to show happiness. The smallest things makes them happy because they don’t get to see much art and the thought that someone made it just for them brightens their day :)

You can also combine the two like write a letter and draw something on the other side.

So just fill this out if you decide to write a letter or make art so that we can give you the name of a resident! If you have any other questions, just let me know.

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Can you drop off your letter(s) at one of our locations below? As of right now, we are not accepting digital submissions. *
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Do you have a specific community service form that needs to be filled out? (We provide our own community service letters but some schools require specific forms)
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Are you interested in donating anything to the nursing homes (books, games, art supplies, diabetic socks...) *
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Wait for us to reach out to you directly before you start writing/drawing!
This is because some facilities are giving us information about the residents we are writing to. We may be able to provide you with a name and interests of someone which will make the letter more personal and meaningful.
If you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19, we unfortunately cannot accept any letters/art/cards from you, as we need to keep our transportation team and the nursing home residents safe!
If you are unsure about what COVID-19 symptoms may look like, please refer to the CDC website or this pdf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14vat6QqldHFY4GCMjG2_zqcqGC2A_B1w/view?usp=sharing
Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to do this! Make sure to mark your letter/artwork with your name (if you don't want to write it directly on it, you can attach a post it note with your name on it when dropping it off). We would also greatly appreciate writing the email at which you would like your community service hours sent to. This is to ensure we have collected all of the letters and we know whose we are missing. We highly suggest the letter is in an envelope, not sealed.
We will reach out to you through email/text for more details and information :)
- Old Bridge Letters For Rose Team
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