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And yes, we do place our members to be in groups with peers.

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What you'll get when you join this program: 1 x Monthly Calls Held at 12 -1:30pm EST on a specific Friday of the month; Maximum of 10 people per group; Access to the monthly book club call where you'll have the chance to meet mastermind members in other groups; A monthly worksheet to create more focus and clarity. Access to our Members-Only Facebook group; The option to book a private coaching session with Hanneke at an additional cost of $499 per session ; A $200 referral bonus when you refer other members and they sign up to join any one of my programs; Type I'm excited if you're loving all you're reading :) *
The cost of the masterminds is $249 per month and it's a 12 month commitment with the option to cancel after 4 months. Are you ready to invest this amount into your own personal developement and your business *
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