Industrial Revolution: Capitalism vs. Communism Submission Form
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1. The Industrial Revolution began in which country below? *
2. Which of the following men below helped bring the Industrial Revolution to the United States? *
3. The first textile mills in the United States we founded by investors including which of the following men? *
4. Which of the following events led to the expansion of US industry? *
5. Industrialization came to which part of Germany around 1835? *
6. Which of the following nations developed a silk spinning industry? *
7. Which of the following men is considered to be the father of "capitalism?" *
8. Which of the following men is considered to be the father of "communism?" *
9. Capitalism is based on which of the following? *
10. The term "laissez-faire" is best describe by which of the following? *
11. Which of the following is the best example of "supply and demand?" *
12. For which of the following reasons did Karl Marx dislike capitalism? *
13. The most important principle of communism is? *
14. What was the primary goal in a communist system? *
15. Copy and paste your essay from part 4 of your google doc into the box below. *
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