Montreal 5-day Aerial Straps Lab Week 2 
Join Koz (and some surprise guest coaches....TBA!) to level up your beginner to intermediate straps theory, strength, and skill for swinging, spinning, and c-shaping movements at the Montreal Circus Academy. Spend your days training hard, and your nights playing hard (picnicking, terrasse beers, swimming in Verdun, and, of course, enjoying the summer in Montreal!). Each day will have structured training sessions on straps, with additional workshops focusing on injury prevention, performance optimization, and evidence-based programming for aerials.

What: this is an aerial straps lab unpacking nearly every tool, drill, and movement pathway in the book at an intermediate/advanced level. Join a straps squad to level up your fundamental and intermediate theory, strength, and skill for swinging, spinning, and straps c-shaping movements!

Who: Koz has taught aerial straps, dynamics, and c-shaping theory with students on all continents, curated multiple aerial straps teacher trainings, intensives, and retreats, and produces CircSci, a podcast all about the science of circus training and performing. He weaves his background in neuropsych, anatomy and physiology, and personal training into human-centric coaching focused on safe and efficient progression. 

Also who: you're someone who wants to be surrounded in a super inspirational and supportive training environment with lovely humans from all over who doesn't cringe at the idea of doing straps for five days (with a rest day!). You also like the sound of watching world class circus shows and having picnics in a puddle of sweat and relaxation with those same supportive other straps humans!

What's included:
– 5 days of world-class straps instruction + recovery/ rest day
– Aerial straps immersion & exploration from 8:30am to 1:00pm
– Free open training for the duration at the Academie de Cirque de Montreal
– A badass community of international aerialists
– Workshops by surprise world class guest coaches

If you’re not sure about what any of those are, PM or email me ( 

For questions regarding the workshop, the studio, tips about accommodation and getting around MTL, send an email to 

Dates: July 15th-20th from 8:30-1:00pm every day except for the final day when training starts at 1:30pm

July 15h: Training day, introductions, and pace yourself. A show at night? 
July 16th: More training, probably some espresso and a croissant, maybe getting a little tired.
July 17th: Relaxation and rest day - maybe you choose to go spa in the morning at Bota Bota, then picnic, and nap before a group dinner with the rest of the crew!

July 18th: A surprise guest lecture and MORE leveling up. 

July 19th: Moarrrrr training, but maybe probably definitely more caffeine. 
July 20th: Afternoon training (change of schedule, but yay a sleep-in!), and maybe all you can eat sushi! 

Encouraged Prerequisites:

- 2-4 pull-ups + 10 pushups,
- experience training 1-arm inverted holds 
- 2-arm invert to skin the cat, meathook, nutcracker 
- comfort in support position + time spent exploring back balance/butterfly
- experiencing with some kind of c-shaping on straps or other verticals
- experience with 2-arm & 1-arm spinning/swinging pathways

Ideal prerequisites*:

- 2-/1-arm flares to ____ (any position)
- 2/-1-arm swing to ___ (any position you're comfortable with)
- 2-arm turn-planche beats 
- experience training back balance and reverse meathook
*not required, but will open up more skills for you*

*Please do not buy housing/flights until you receive a confirmation email confirming your acceptance for the intensive!*

Early Bird Pricing - $750 - ends after the first 10 sign ups or by midnight April 20th, EST.  To reserve your spot, a $150 US ($205 CAD) non-refundable (except if we can find someone to take your spot) deposit is required to hold your spot (please use the payment information below to submit your deposit or this link - once logged in go to the ENROLLMENTS tab). Full payment (minus the deposit) to be submitted by June 1st. 

Regular Pricing: $835 USD before June 1st. To reserve your spot, a $150USD/205 CAD non-refundable (except if we can find someone to take your spot) deposit is required to hold your spot (please use the information below to submit your deposit or this linkonce logged in go to the ENROLLMENTS tab)Full payment due by June 1st. 

Late-bird pricing: $900 USD up until the day of the intensive. 

Payment methods: please make sure you account for currency exchange or transfer fees -  Revolut (@aaronkoz)  or Wise (for international folks - use, INTERAC (for Canadians) or Zelle/CashApp ( Feel free to send as USD or convert to CAD. Please do not use Paypal for payments. If none of these methods work for you, email me at, and we can sort out another way!

Cancellation Policy: we're happy to refund you the cost minus the deposit if we are unable to fill your spot by the start of the intensive. Otherwise, we're unable to provide full refunds for last-minute cancellations due to work, injury, etc.

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What are your top 5-15 straps/rope/movement/aerial/handstand/circus goals? Dream big! 
Have you done an intensive with Koz in the past?  If so, what new things are you hoping to get out of this training?  *
Why do you want to come to the Montreal Straps Lab?  *
What is your current training schedule & volume? (Hours per week/hours per day). The reason for this is that extreme jumps up or down in training volume is correlated with a higher risk of injury. There will be a rest day built in to the retreat. *
How do you feel about the encouraged and ideal prerequisites? Do they feel too easy/too hard/just right?
Please add a link to any videos of you on straps (or doing dynamic aerial) currently. Use this to showcase where you're at relative to the suggested prerequisites.  *
Do you have any current or recent injuries I should know about? If you have seen a physio recently for any of them, please let me know.
Generally, what have you already been doing in your training to progress towards the goals you listed? What is working well? What isn't? 
I have a number of pairs of straps and rigging I plan to provide. If there is any equipment you intend to bring (your own straps, rope, et cetera), let me know! The more the merrier!
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