ToT 2019 - Call for Applicants
Dear Applicant,

The below are the rules of participation, if you wish to proceed with the Training of Trainers, so kindly read carefully before applying.

By filling this form you agree to all of the below:

a- You will fully attend the ToT days (3-consecutive full days from Friday to Sunday on April 5,6,7) and will complete all phases of the ToT including preparation, practice(delivery of 10 hours of training), coaching and post-training stages for 6 months.

b- As a participant in the ToT, you are willing to give a minimum of four training sessions on the behalf of Aie Serve, within a maximum period of one year after the ToT.

c- You certify that you meet the selection criteria, provided in the email.

d- You pledge not to share the material given to you during the entire ToT period (preparation, training, practice and coaching phases) for any purpose not serving Aie Serve without its written prior consent.

e- You pledge to abide by Aie Serve's values of Respect, Acceptance and Love, at all times when representing Aie Serve.

f- On the first day of the ToT, a payment of 50$ should be made to Aie Serve, to be reimbursed only upon completion of all ToT phases. This fee is to ensure full participation, and is reimbursed because Aie Serve does not wish to profit monetarily from the ToT.

g- You certify that you have read and understood the above.

Looking forward to see you with us,

Aie Serve Team

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